Tax Preparation

Ebbert CPA is a full-service tax preparation firm in Knoxville. We provide our clients, which range from individuals to mid-sized businesses, with tax planning and federal and state tax return preparation services. If you are looking for a certified public accountant in the Knoxville area, call Ebbert CPA today at (865) 584-3200 for a consultation.

Tax Services

Tax planning and reporting are critical elements for all businesses. Besides income tax considerations, there are also payroll taxes, sales and use tax, and personal income and estate tax decisions. All of these elements are intertwined and must be carefully considered, planned for, reported, and reviewed regularly.

Some people mistakenly think that tax liability can be eliminated. That is a myth – everyone needs to pay taxes. There are incentives or credits that can be applied from time to time, but the key to effective tax planning is to defer tax liability for as long as possible. Deferring tax liability allows you to invest that money, earn income on it, pay down debt, or use those funds to make other purchases.

At Ebbert CPA, our role is to help you create a tax plan that is customized to your business and personal financial position and that is based on your current needs and your future plans. We offer the following tax services:

  • Business Tax Planning & Return Preparation
  • Individual Tax Planning & Return Preparation
  • Income Tax Compliance
  • Tax Consulting
  • Income Tax Accounting
  • Tax Controversy and Resolution Assistance
  • Tax Projections
  • Estate & Gift Planning
  • IRS Representation
  • Communication with all Tax Authorities

Choosing Ebbert CPA For Tax Preparation

No matter what your tax preparation needs, Ebbert CPA is prepared to take care of you. We have the depth of experience you deserve with federal and state taxation issues, and we have the expertise to assist you with developing an effective and efficient tax strategy.

Ebbert CPA boasts deep technical knowledge, proven methodologies, and strategic solutions to address a wide range of tax needs. We design our tax preparation services to meet your business tax compliance and advisory needs and provide a seamless service throughout all of the challenges that arise with tax preparation and planning.

At Ebbert CPA, our number one priority is to provide you with unsurpassed commitment to quality service while helping you build strong tax compliance and develop sustainable tax strategies that will assist you with reaching your financial goals.

If you are looking for assistance with your tax preparation, let Ebbert CPA help you. For more information, call us today at (865) 584-3200. We will happily schedule an initial consultation for you in order to assess your situation and determine how we can best assist you.